Greg Fox

Greg Fox is the General Manager of Networking and Communications and Vice President of Alliances at WorkSpan. WorkSpan has completely reimagined how companies go to market together and for the first time, with its Ecosystem Cloud, alliance and ecosystem leaders are finally able to build-with, market-with and sell-with their ecosystem partners in a single, secure, cloud-based network to grow business and abundance together.

Prior to WorkSpan, Greg was Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Brand Strategy at Huawei, leading company efforts to accelerate industry-leading marketing, thought leadership, brand capabilities, and enabling Huawei’s own digitization and digital transformation efforts.

As Huawei’s top brand ambassador, the company brand value and reputation achieved new heights, as it brings digital to every person, home, and organization, for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Greg also served as Vice President of Huawei Global Partner and Alliances, building cross-company partnering and ecosystem capabilities with top alliance and solution partners cross Huawei carrier, cloud and enterprise businesses.

Greg has more than 25 years industry experience holding senior strategy, channels, sales, alliance management, marketing, product management, and corporate business development positions at Huawei, Citrix, Cisco, Novell, and HPE.

Greg is an expert in alliances, ecosystems, marketing, branding and the digital economy and in promoting the role and value that ICT and enabling technologies such as Broadband, Data Center, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, and AI play in driving enterprise and country digital transformation and achieving intelligent connectivity.

Greg is a popular industry speaker, is the author of many articles and serves as an advisor to several associations, closely collaborating with top academia and key opinion leaders on top technology and business issues.

Greg holds a B.A. in Economics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Marriott School of Management from Brigham Young University.