If I Were a Supervisor, I Would...

    Jan 24, 2019

    If you are on track to move up to a position of higher authority, it’s never too early to think about what qualities and behaviors you would adopt as a supervisor. The following list should provide lots of ideas for professional development.

    As a Supervisor, I Would …
    • Have a goal to become the best supervisor in my company.
    • Read and study 30 minutes each day to improve myself and my supervisory skills.
    • Become an expert at personal leadership.
    • Select someone to succeed me and actively develop her for my position.
    • Be an enthusiastic and passionate personal and corporate leader.
    • Become an expert at interviewing and hiring people.
    • Learn about personality to value differences and build better relationships.
    • Learn how to coach people to become more effective and productive.
    • Provide five times more positive recognition than negative feedback.
    • Take regular actions to encourage and develop teamwork and feelings of importance and belonging.
    • Model accountability in all my behaviors and actions.
    • Risk more and ask for forgiveness more often.
    • Tune up my work skills each year to maintain high effectiveness and productivity.
    • Ask for feedback about my own performance and take actions to improve it.
    • Seek win-win solutions to every problem or issue I face.
    • Set business goals with employees that result in pride of achievement.
    • Give people opportunities to learn and grow through delegation.
    • Talk about the company’s and my department’s vision regularly.
    • Set and communicate clear work-related expectations frequently.
    • Teach people how to become master problem solvers.
    • Model a balanced approach to work and life.
    • See every person as possessing unlimited potential and greatness.
    • Take time to personally know all about the people who work for me.
    • Know all the goals of my employees and help them achieve them.
    • Send a personalized card or note on special occasions like birthdays.
    • Show appreciation (sometimes written) to every employee every day.
    • Catch people doing the right things and praise them.
    • Regularly find ways of making work fun.
    • Use the company values to guide my work behaviors and attitudes (and my employees).
    • Meet with each employee weekly with a helping attitude to review their accomplishments and review their prioritized work plan for the next week.
    • Hold a 15-minute book study each week to encourage employee development.
    • Visit an employee’s hospitalized spouse or child and send get well cards for other health challenges.
    • Meet quarterly to dialogue about the progress made toward development goals.
    • Encourage people to take weekly and monthly actions to achieve those goals.
    • Never forget that my success is a result of the success of the people who work for me.

    You should get at least a few good development ideas from this list. The next step—make it happen!