Five Factors for Winning

    Jan 24, 2019

    Start new employees off right.

     In his book Motivation, Brian Tracy suggests that the key to getting the most productivity from new hires is to make them feel like a winner from the first day. To help them feel like a winner, he suggests that a person needs five things:


    1. Clear goals and objectives, which are discussed and agreed upon.
    2. Clear measurements, metrics, and standards so that the employee knows that success will be measured and determined
    3. Clear deadlines and sub-deadlines so the employee knows exactly when the job is supposed to be completed.
    4. Success experiences—that is, the employee must actually complete the job on time, on budget, and to the agreed-on standards of quality.
    5. Recognition and rewards-the employee must receive acknowledgment for successful task completion by the boss, very much like the crowd cheering for a winning athlete. In addition, whenever possible, there should be both tangible and intangible rewards that accompany the successful completion of a task.

    Excerpted, by permission of the publisher, from Motivation by Brian Tracy. Copyright 2013, Brian Tracy. Published by AMACOM. For more information, visit