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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Edwin S.

The class was just what I needed to feel comfortable putting together training modules. The practical tips and techniques learned will truly benefit me for years to come.

Overall rating

Steven R.

Overall rating

Laurel K.

Instructional Design for Trainers was a phenomenal course. The subject matter and concepts taught will be invaluable to our ability to restructure and refine our IT Methodology training at Ryder. The course instructor (Anne) was extremely knowledgeable about the course and lesson materials. Moreover, Anne incorporated countless real world examples that helped each learning objective "stick". Thank you Anne and AMA for a wonderful experience!

Overall rating

Theresa K.

This seminar provided great tools and resources to me so that I can define, design, develop, decide (and delight as this is the 5th "D" we added) effective programs. The Instructor was very knowledgeable and shared many use cases and professional stories. The attendees were very engaged which is part of what makes a Instructor-Led class more effective than web-based-training.

There were many opportunities to practice the new skills, which helps with learning and forming new habits. Great course.

Overall rating

Jason W.

The lessons I learned from the facilitator have already been implemented into my job materials. I enjoyed the creative atmosphere and the activities that really hit the concepts home.

The only downside: For the price, breakfast and lunch should have been available.

Overall rating

Ezekiel O.

This was the first time to attend a seminar focused mainly on instructional design and it was a learning experience. The class size was small enough for the facilitator to know how each person was doing and also to use specific workplace experience of the participants in classroom discussions.
The participants also could relate more easily and many hands-on exercises were attempted. Generally I was able to apply what was taught to what I needed to do in order to improve on the design of programs for various leadership levels within our organization.
The facilitator was excellent in her delivery, not to mention her ability to engage the participants throughout the duration of the program. The environment was also good for learning because AMA staff were always on hand to assist the participants in any way possible.
But I will suggest that soft copies of the slides should be sent to our mails from the first day of the seminar.

Overall rating

Andy H.

Overall rating

Tonni Y.


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