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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Leslie J.

Pace was very fast. In places it was hard to keep up with what is going on. But, as an overview of the Agile process class, it was very good.

Overall rating

Damon R.

The instructor was great. The hands on interaction made the class fun and educational would recommend to anyone looking to get the basics of Scrum and to become a Scum Master.

Overall rating

Jasen K.

Overall rating

Nicholas F.

The course was interesting and offerred valuable project management strategy.
The course textbook could be improved if offerred in color rather than black and white. There are many flow charts and diagrams. On the powerpoint presentation these slides in color were easier to follow, but did not show as clearly in the textbook.

Overall rating

Jamil E.

Great class. Instructor was inspiring and extremely knowledgable. I feel really ready to use what I learned back at work.

Overall rating

Randy I.


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