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Overall rating

David D.

The leader has a professional mentoring & very kind, method of presenting the material. I was fortunate enough to have him as my instructor for "Principles of Professional Selling" about 10 years ago so I was very pleased to find he was the instructor for this course. I hope our paths cross again in our professional course of business as he brings more to the course than the material. He also brings a great measure of kindness that helps all to enjoy and remember why they chose sales as a career. Mostly, the interaction with other good people while conducting business. He's also a great story teller able to use stories to illustrate the points he's making. Great Job.

Overall rating

Shana G.

The class material was great, and the instructor was fantastic. I do feel however, that this class could have been accomplished in 2 days instead of 3. I know that I was feeling burned out by the third day, and it was obvious that the others in my class were as well, and some of them even left early. I would've gotten more out of the class if I had been inspired to concentrate on the last day.

Overall rating

Melody V.

Quite simply, the best seminar I have ever attended; provided real world selling problems and excellent ideas for breaking through the barriers sales people have. I liked the small class size and hands on approach - I also really liked how we were given the opportunity to go over all of the items we wanted to take away from this course ahead of time. Every single item I wanted clarity on and better direction for were covered. New ideas were provided, and I now have an ideal action plan I can implement to more effectively close business faster and better than ever before. Could not have asked for a better instructor for this 3-day seminar either, Mr. Bennett was thorough and provided constructive feedback and clear direction so we can become more effective sales professionals. I really like the workbook as well - it is easy to reference my personal sales action plan, strategy, tactics and goals. 5 star rating because this course/seminar exceeded my expectations.

Overall rating

Justin O.

Excellent content, very practical!

Overall rating

Kenneth K.

Being new in sales and being given the responsibility to manage global accounts I needed a deeper understanding of how to accomplish the goals for both my company and how to support the goals of my customers. Our instructor was experienced and knowledgeable and was able to take the content of the book and make it real life. He allowed the group to be open and discuss topics as it related to others business.
I would recommend this class to any sales manager.


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