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Overall rating

Pete M.

Solid information. Class was somewhat oriented toward international teams, but instructor modified as we went along to focus on student's issues and challenges. Class had multiple activities per day to help students explore problems and solutions. Class gave me some good ideas to try out with the staff.

Overall rating

Jesse A.

Overall rating

Margaret R.

I enjoyed the class tremendously. Our teacher, Carole was fabulous and the other participants really made the chemistry of the class excellent. I would (and already have) highly recommend this to anyone who leads a virtual or remote team. I picked up some key ideas and insight into working with remote teams, specifically, and have already begun to implement some of the new ideas.


Overall rating

John T.

Some of the content was clearly very old (10 years or so). The examples weren't as relevant as they would have been 10 years in the past, and the recording itself was distracting. It cast doubts on the credibility of the rest of the learning.

The instructor did a great job.

Overall rating

John Z.

The content was very relevant and up to date. Lee was a great trainer, he kept us engaged and kept the pace moving.

Overall rating

Maureen C.

This class was excellent. The instructor was amazing and I really enjoyed the connections I made. The only request I'd have would be to ask/provide the names of those in the class so we can 'Link In' with one another.

I was able to do a coaching session which was a little out of my comfort zone yet the class and the leader were really amazing in their support, constructive criticism and positive feedback.

I learned a lot of good tools that I'll use in leading virtual, remote teams. Thanks again!

It was definitely time well spent :)

Overall rating

Carol K.

The instruction and information provided was excellent. I really enjoyed the seminar, however, it was heavily structured toward team leaders with direct reports. I actually have no direct reports, but I do lead teams on various projects which are often virtual.

Overall rating

Rebecca B.

Dr. Donna was an excellent facilitator!

Overall rating

Craig V.

The seminar content was good, and covered some good ways to lead a team. The presenter was obviously very well versed in leadership and development. However, I don't feel like I walked away with a great list of innovative ideas to connect with and lead virtual teams. Several attendees didn't return after the first day - in my mind this was a plus. I understand you have class sizes you need to maintain in order to be profitable, but the reduced size led to a good focus on those of us who were left.

Overall rating

Joel P.

This seminar was not what I expected, yet it was an informative and helpful class. Plenty of theory and knowledge presented with just the right amount of role play and presentation materials.

Overall rating

Kerry L.

Overall rating

Cathryn S.

The facilitator, Karen did a great job of presenting the material and encouraging participation by attendees. We all brought some experience in the subject matter, and all acquired plenty of new information to take away from the seminar.

Overall rating

Melisa P.

The seminar met my expectations. The seminar excercises were engaging and provided the opportunity to meet new people. I enjoyed this three-day seminar.

Overall rating

Leslie L.

Overall rating

Kimberli J.


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