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Overall rating


I really enjoyed the class. I really liked that the professor encouranged everyone to participated. I have a hard time speaking in front of people but I dont mine participating. I like to do presentations but have trouble with words I get nervous in front of others. I enjoyed that the professor bad or good she encouraged everyone and gave great key points on how to improve.

Overall rating

Miriam G.

The AMA Budgeting Workshop was very applicable to my day to day activities. We went over the components of an operating budget, how to prepare one for a manufacturing company and how to present it to its stakeholders.

Overall rating

Cassandra M.

The budgeting workshop was awesome! I really enjoyed how small the class size was and how hands on it was. I learned a great amount and really felt as though I retained the knowledge. I will be looking into other AMA workshops as this was very helpful!

Overall rating

Judy B.

It's a mixed bag. I was too advanced for the content, but others were just starting out and had a lot to learn from it.

The best thing I learned is that I'm on the right track for what I'm doing.

Overall rating

Lance B.

Overall rating

Regina B.

The class was helpful but even more helpful was having an instructor who was able to explain everything so we understood, the instructor was excellent!

Overall rating

Nicole W.

Best training I have attended so far. However, I did not think it was worth the full price we paid. Howerver, I am a governement employee and most of the training modules are geared towards the service and sales industry, I did not feel I could use quite a bit of the information that was taught. I would recommend it to poeple in those industries though.

Overall rating

Jay B.

I was somewhat disappointed with the workshop. It was too vague and general. I was hoping to get into "the weeds" of preparing budgets. There were mistakes in the workbook and some of the tables necessary for the practical exercises were extremely blurry. The most useful exercise was centered around using capital budgeting tools, such as net present value and net cash flow. This was on the morning of the second day. I would not recommend this course.


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