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Overall rating

Yvette T.

Overall rating

Tynisha H.

This was an excellent class and very informative. There are several techniques that I can apply in my current position as well as my everyday life. I have recommended this class to other administrator's within the Bosch organization.

Overall rating

Stacey S.

The pace, the interaction and the information was spot on! And the instructor, Darlene, was interesting, engaging and genuinely interested in the group's development.

Overall rating

Kathleen N.

Very good class. Learned some good tips to help with my job. The only thing I would have liked was to spend more time on was "Recall" but I do understand that is a personal issue and the class isn't designed around me. The instructor was very knowledgeable, engaging and personable. I would take another class just to have her as an instructor.

Overall rating

Carmen S.

The training was wonderful and fun. The environment was warm and relaxing. We were all out of our comfort zone but the dynamic of the class along with the instructor was pleasant and easy to collaborate with. Jennifer is an awesome instructor. She's concern about everyone's comfort and makes the interactions a lot of fun and easy to understand. I loved her statistics and stories. It was very helpful and makes the topics relatable. The group of woman that were in the class was personable and easy to work with.

Thanks Jennifer for a wonderful experience!

Overall rating

Liz H.

The seminar with Carol Ann was beyond amazing. She brought the topics to life and engaged everyone in the room - making for lively sessions and open information sharing all around. Some of what was covered were things we already knew, but needed to look at with a fresh perspective to reinvigorate all of the participants and get us excited to get back to work on Monday morning to start applying what we'd learned.

Overall rating

Terry J.

I not only loved the content of the seminar but I loved my instructor as well. She was very thorough and engaging. I have also spoken with my supervisor about having Darlene provide onsite training at the Department of Commerce.

Overall rating

Kim P.

This seminar was truly life-changing. Twice in the weeks since I've been back in the office, my manager has said "I'm incredibly impressed. You obviously had a transformative experience!". The instructor was incredible, the material was on point, and the exercises brought it all together. I came back with the tools I need to succeed both personally and professionally. I would HIGHLY recommend this seminar.

Overall rating

Georgette T.

This was an empowering seminar. Pamela is an exceptional teacher. Her lessons were stimulating and inspirational and group activities were encouraging and motivating. The skills I learned are extremely helpful in my business and personal lives. This seminar was a real eye-opener. Greatly appreciated and thanks Pamela!

Overall rating

Cynthia G.

Our seminar leader was not only exceptional, but kept the class engaged with relevant conversations, activities, and guidance. I enjoyed the two-day class immensely and will be able to use what I learned in every day life and at work. I recommend this seminar highly!

Overall rating

Leslie B.

Amazing experience! I learned so much in the two days that I spent attending this seminar under the incredible leadership of Ms. Pamela. From time management techniques, getting clear on goal setting, learning to say no appropriately and consistently - these and many other tools were taught which I will be implementing at work. I thought at one point this seminar might not apply to me as I am not a manager anyone nor do I have a ton of overwhelming job tasks to perform as many in my group did. However, this seminar is for anyone who wants to be effective in whatever job they do, big or small. Thought provoking and eye opening. Thanks Pam for your incredible leadership, thanks to all of my wonderful classmates as we all helped each other and thanks AMA!

Overall rating

Joanne P.

The program exceeded my expectations as the materials presented was very insightful and interesting with very practical steps to put into use after the program back at work and in one's personal life. I highly recommend to anyone who has been struggling with managing life in general.


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