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Overall rating

Karen V.

Excellent workshop and facilitator! I was impressed by the way that she managed the group and quickly got everyone to know each other. Later I realized that we had already practiced 17 facilitation techniques for strategic planning during the course of the workshop!

Overall rating

Abdulrahman D.

Overall rating

Denise C.

Excellent class. Incorporated learning techniques into class exercises that I can use when facilitating strategic planning sessions.

Overall rating

Vicki M.

Overall rating

Harold H.

Very good seminar that should prove to be very useful for my job and career. Our excellent instructor frequently provided insights that one cannot find in the books especially for methods associated with appreciative inquiry. To move to outstanding, the course should provide more detailed information on the most common approaches to facilitating strategic planning sessions. Participants must acquire or access additional books to gain step by step meeting protocols. Fortunately, the instructor makes many recommendations on where to find additional details. Highly recommended for leaders and planning facilitators in the private and public sector. The participants represented a broad array of organizations (domestic and international) which added to the quality of the seminar.

Overall rating

Carmen B.

It was indeed a real management seminar. My personal expectations and objectives in attending the seminar were met and the key questions I have prepared prior to the sessions were fully answered. Additionally, I was greatly challenged to level up my management capacities on an international or global level.


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