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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Tim W.

Overall rating

Akshay M.

Great course maybe a little more structured data sets during the on hands training.

Overall rating

Reema S.

It was great , but fundamental .

Overall rating

William W.

Good overview of several data processes.

Overall rating

Melanie D.

Some good nuggets to take away from the class, like the 5 Why process and emphasis on establishing a clearly defined objective for collecting and analyzing data. Apparently the student materials had recently been updated, but the instructor manual was not - so it felt like the instructor was "winging it" part of the time and was just delivering the content straight out of the book without embellishment. Course can probably be reduced to two days... felt like there was some dead time.

Overall rating

Bob D.

Awesome class, the instructor provided real life pratical commentary that can be used immediately to address complex issues around Data Analytics.

Overall rating

Cynthia K.

The class was not well prepared. Exercises and examples had many errors, this proved difficult to learn new skills. I do not feel the learning objectives were met or that I gained from attending the class. I would NOT recommend this class to anyone.

Overall rating

Jennifer D.

Excellent course instructor and material.

Overall rating

Raghav P.

The seminar did not address techniques to analyze big data sets. Rather the focus was on general data analysis guidelines. The datasets used during the sessions were extremely small datasets, that aren't even applicable in a corporate setting. wouldn't recommend this seminar to anyone with any basic experience with excel.


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