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Overall rating

Maria A.

Did not care for the pace the instructor took through the 3 days. Very fast, I would not call this fundamental forecasting. Instructor gave us "coins" at our group table if we answered a question. Felt like I was 5 years old again. Not sure if I really learned anything. I have the hard copy information to look at but if I don't understand it, it won't help me much at my job. Very disappointed in the seminar.

Overall rating

Waleed A.

Overall rating

Asif J.

well designed and clear course.

Overall rating

Mahbubur R.

Amazing instructor. Took the time to explain all the concepts and processes multiple times. Spent time out of lunch break and during the day to go over personal/professional concerns related to the topic. I plan on looking for the instructor and similar seminars in the recent future.

Overall rating

Barman S.

This is an excellent course for those who are beginners to forecasting. Although the course is mostly geared toward forecasting profits, it can be taken by those who are forecasting expenses as well. Moderate working knowledge of Excel should be a prerequisite, especially around formulas and graphs.

Overall rating

Wes B.

teach was very knowable

Overall rating

James K.

Overall rating

Brittany S.

Excellent class! The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, and the course content was hands on and easy to follow.

Overall rating

Latonya J.

The instructor was very prepared. She proved accountants are not only smart but are witty and not a human calculator.


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