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Overall rating

Dominic F.

Overall rating

Debra A.

Joe took this class to a different level. I'm one that learns by doing rather than ready a text book. He was able to apply the principles of the class to opening and managing a business utilizing the Accounting and Finance rules. By doing so, the attendee had the ability to associate the teaching objectives to every day life rather than simply presenting slides or reading text from a book. The dynamic personality of the instructor as well as his experience in life provided a very unique experience for me than any of the other AMA courses that I have recommended. I have already recommended Joe as an instructor to one of my colleagues and will continue to do so.

Overall rating

Gladys N.

excellent seminar. I would recommend it to colleagues.

-timeframe appropriate
-materials used for the class were helpful
-instructor was very good at presenting the information in a simplified manner and comprehensively connecting it to real word scenarios to allow studenst to make comparison and derive job applications.

Overall rating

Jennifer W.

I fully expected to be bored beyond tears with such a dry topic like finance. The instructor, Joe, was anything but boring! An outstanding teacher and master storyteller, he used real-life examples sprinkled liberally with humor and student participation to demonstrate accounting principles and financial rules. His irreverent, high-energy style kept my attention throughout the course, despite the siren call of emails, texts and other distractions inherent with IPhones. Anyone interested in this course should seek out Joe; I couldn't imagine a better experience!

Overall rating

Ashley C.


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