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Strategic Alliances: The Business Imperative for Partnering in a Convergent World Using Collaboration to Drive Competitive Advantage

Recording Date: May 14, 2008
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The new economy is built on a complex network of information, interaction and change. And while businesses face the challenges of rapid technological innovation, globalization and downsizing, the path to success depends upon the most fundamental aspect of business: relationships.

This might seem too simple. But collaboration is a strategy applied to business every day for one reason: it works.

Most companies do not possess the internal capabilities to achieve all of their objectives in today’s fast moving and convergent world. Mergers or acquisitions enable organizations to add these capabilities internally but often at the expense of capital and long-term flexibility.

Alliances on the other hand, permit companies to leverage their own capabilities and those of their partners in a dynamic fashion.

What You Will Learn

In this Webcast, Robert Porter Lynch, the “father of strategic alliances,” will explore factors that are driving companies to create alliances as the pivotal mechanism to grow and sustain their competitive advantage.

You’ll hear how alliances provide a unique way to synergize thinking across boundaries—internal and external to your organization. In addition, we’ll examine how powerful alliances can build innovative value networks with multiple companies driving separate components of a seamless value chain.

Some of the critical issues that will be discussed include:

  • The greatest challenges in developing and implementing strategic alliances
  • A look at how next generation alliances will be structured and will function in the organization
  • How value migrates over time and ways to quantify the value alliances will provide to your corporation
  • The importance experience with alliances will play in the career paths of future senior executives

Ultimately, competitive advantage is a battle of value chains. Attend this insightful hour to find out how and why.

About the Presenters

Robert Porter Lynch is CEO of the Warren Company. He has been recognized for his groundbreaking work in creating "alliance architecture" and the profession’s first benchmarking studies. He pioneered the initial research in Alliance Architectures with Best Practices research beginning in 1988, followed by a long series of benchmarking studies in Alliance Formation and Management. Lynch is deeply engaged in the next edge of alliances, specifically value-chain reengineering, the networked enterprise, leadership role of alliance champions, how trust converts into breakthroughs and profit, alliances as engines of innovation and the new economics of fast time. He is author of the award-winning book, The Practical Guide to Joint Ventures and Corporate Alliances as well as Business Alliances: The Hidden Competitive Weapon.

Dave Luvison is a partner at Alliance Vista Corporation. In his current role, he serves as director of curriculum development, overseeing the company’s learning programs and curriculum for alliance competency. He currently serves on the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) Credentialing Committee and is treasurer of ASAP’s Washington, D.C., Metro chapter. Before that, he was vice president of Software Products at CyberCash, where he oversaw both product management and product marketing functions for the company’s payment processing software product line.


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