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One Foot Out The Door

Recording Date: September 24, 2007
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After years of downsizing, outsourcing and corporate greed gone wild, today's workers believe that their company no longer values them.

University studies, government reports, Gallup surveys and other polls show that employee's perceptions and feelings have a direct impact upon productivity.

These vulnerable and resentful feelings affect as many as two-thirds of U.S. workers, who are either actively looking for new jobs or going through the motions at their current jobs.

Fueled by bad management practices, this "psychological recession" can take a toll on your organization's bottom line.

What You Will Learn

Drawing on what works for exceptional and profitable companies, Dr. Judith Bardwick has developed original ideas and specific strategies to regain the trust, commitment and engagement of your employees at every level. Join us for this Webcast where she will explore ways to:
  • Strengthen the bonds of trust and respect between you and your employees
  • Customize job responsibilities and rewards for individual employees to gain their trust and commitment
  • Achieve the "best fit" between your organization's core culture and individual goals when hiring new employees

As a manager, this could be the most important hour you spend in 2007, so sign up now!

This Webcast has been designed for executives, managers and all aspiring business leaders.


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