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Five Management Levers: Reimagining Business Responsibility and Success

Recording Date: June 15, 2011
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Responsibility is not a corporate act. It is an individual act. A decision to act responsibly, or not, is made one person at a time. Each choice is personal.

Within this environment there is a need for managers to rethink how they engage employees in their day-to-day decisions and actions to develop their ability to act responsibly.

To ensure responsible choices, individuals will be linked directly to business operations and not commanded by overseers who are expected to have supervision. For most businesses, this requires a radically new way to manage employees and design their management systems.

The good news is that this new approach has already been proven to boost the financial success of businesses who implement it.

What You Will Learn

This program examines five new levers for managing responsibility, using specific case examples:

1. Reimagining success. Responsible management will move the business from measuring efforts to measuring effects.
2. Reimagining management systems. There will be a shift from building management systems for a workforce of employees to building them for a workforce of entrepreneurs in which every person thinks like a CEO and feels responsibility for the success of the whole in their everyday decisions and actions.
3. Reimaging talent. Business will move from buying talent to building talent. Developing the potential in individuals makes it easier to build loyalty, is more profitable by far, and is increasingly fulfilling for managers and the individuals they manage.
4. Reimagining the organization. Hierarchical ladders of responsibility remove the demand for human agency, which is the real source of innovation. In the Responsible Business, everyone is connected to product and service offerings and takes personal responsibility for stakeholders’ success, based on the business’ strategic direction.
5. Reimagining work design. Work should look less like a symphony orchestra led by a conductor and more like a jazz ensemble where people collaborate seamlessly and improvise in the context of an agreed upon rhythm and progression. This calls for a significant different design in how work is structured to get done.

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About the Presenters

Carol Sanford has been the CEO of InterOctave, Inc., a global business resource to Fortune 500 and new economy businesses large and small, for over thirty years. In addition, Sanford lectures at universities such as MIT Sloan School of Management, University of Washington Foster School of Business, and University of Michigan Ross School of Business on sustainability, business innovation, and corporate responsibility. She is the author of The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success. For more information, visit: www.TheResponsibleBusiness.com


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