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Fired Up Leadership: How to Make Your Team Thrive

Recording Date: November 05, 2008
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Employee disengagement is a widespread malady in today’s organizations, causing the loss of billions of dollars, hours of dissatisfaction and work lives lacking true value.

Want to find out how to create an environment that consistently fires up your team?

Scientific research has validated the powerful effect of emotional connections on human beings. When individuals feel a connection with their organization’s identity, their colleagues and their day-to-day tasks, it fires them up.

Connection makes people feel more energetic, confident and trusting of others.

"Connection Cultures" meet universal human emotional needs, and they are ultimately grounded in the character values positive psychologists have identified as being universal. To attract, engage and retain the employees needed to meet growth opportunities, organizations must unleash the force of connection.

This Webcast explores key actions necessary to transform even a lethargic, disconnected organization or office into an impassioned, innovative and thriving workplace.

What You Will Learn

Join Michael Lee Stallard, president of the consulting firm E Pluribus Partners and primary author of Fired Up or Burned Out, as he explains the ins and outs of Connection Cultures, including:
  • Six universal human needs that must be met for people to be fired up and thrive at work
  • Core elements of a Connection Culture that meet human emotional needs
  • The best practices and behaviors that increase feelings of connection and fire up people in the workplace

This program includes Q&A session—where we will address specific questions submitted by the audience!


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