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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Jim O.

Ben was an informative and inspirational instructor!

Overall rating


The seminar was excellent. A great deal of material was covered over the 3 days.
The instructor was very experienced and enthusiastic. The topics were relevant and more importantly current. I have a lot more tools in my toolbox now.

Overall rating

Debbie P.

I found the class to be informative and helpful. I have already begun using these sales practices in my everyday work. Renee was an excellent instructor with a strong sales career. She was able to illustrate many practices with personal business experience.

Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar!

Overall rating

Gary L.

Thomas was our instructor and did a great job. He kept us engaged and challenged for the three training. The information was very informative and practical.

Overall rating

Joshua J.

Ben was great. He was able to make his years of experience apply to a wide range of industries and issues. A lot of the coarse content is not new ideas, rather a new way of approaching and thinking about them.

Overall rating

Joe S.

Content was very good, However, It is better suited for someone who is starting out in sales or has had no sales experience.

Overall rating

Nadine M.

Very current tools and information that could be applied in today's competitive market.
The facilitator kept the sessions upbeat and successfully engaged everyone.
One thing the facilitator did that was truly impressive was to get all information on the participants, their industries and specific roles and applied that in each session to keep everyone alert, interested and focused... Brilliant!!

Overall rating

Ray M.

Overall rating

Brett B.

Overall rating

Matt M.

The instructor was excellent and very engaging. The course material was relavent to my career and was beneficial. The class size was appropriate for learning the material and the activities supported the subject matters well. I thought the length of the course was appropriate, given the topic.

Overall rating

Murray G.

I am in the services side of sales and some of the seminar did not apply. However, Linda did a good job and was able to relate and offer here experience in making the class a learning opportunity.

Another key aspect for our class is that we all bonded and were able to share lunches and dinner that gave us further opportunities to share. We also all agreed to stay in touch and continue to share information.


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