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Little Consensus Emerges on Talent Management Strategy

By: AMA Staff Writer

Only 12% of major organizations have a fully implemented talent management strategy, according to a survey of 537 U.S. companies by Right Management, the talent and career management expert within ManpowerGroup. The survey found that little consensus has developed regarding talent management strategy. Twenty-five percent said they have created such a strategy but face challenges with its implementation. Similarly, 7% reported having a strategy but described it as merely a statement of objectives and/or philosophy. The largest group (44%) reported that they have a series of separate HR processes which are not integrated as a true talent management strategy. Twelve percent admit to not having any strategy at all.

“While 12% of organizations have no talent management strategy at all, it is of equal concern that 76% of organizations face many obstacles preventing them from implementing a talent management strategy, said Owen J. Sullivan, Right Management CEO and president of ManpowerGroup Specialty Brands. “There is a need for companies to commit to a systemic effort to assess and align their talent management strategies in the context of their business strategies and build a pipeline of necessary talent required to succeed. The findings suggest that organizations of all types are struggling with how to address the critical challenge of attracting, developing, and retaining the necessary talent required to meet and execute their business strategy.”

About the Author(s)

AMA Staff Writer is Florence Stone, editorial director.