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Ann Rhoades on High-Performing Cultures

By: Florence Stone

Ann Rhoades’s book Built on Values will help you to create the high-performing culture your organization needs. Rhoades has helped JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Doubletree Hotels, and many other organizations to develop the kind of trail-blazing, values-based workplace they need in today’s job market. Her book offers an insider’s look at how organizations can attract and retain top talent, and deliver quality products and exceptional customer service via a “Values Blueprint.”

As Rhoades explained in a recent interview, this clear, concise one-page document identifies the values that are vital to their company, along with the specific behaviors that express those values. “Just as you would not build a house working off only an image in your head, you cannot build a lasting culture without a written blueprint. Whenever a decision needs to be made, employees at all levels, even the C-suite, should be able to find the right answer there.”

About the Author(s)

Florence Stone is editorial director of American Management Association.