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We believe professional development is an ongoing process of continual improvement. For organizations and individuals alike, we recommend our proven methodology for achieving measureable success in employee performance.


The first stage of the AMA Development Methodology is comprised of two steps dedicated to the discovery and understanding of your business goals and workforce issues and challenges. We pride ourselves in being expert listeners and strive to define measurable outcomes for both organizations and attendees.

Discover Stage Step 1: Needs Discovery

At AMA, we work to understand your organization’s business objectives and respond with learning solutions that leverage the performance power of your people. It is critical to understand what is going on within your business before we evaluate employee skill gaps. AMA works with you to ensure your workforce performance is aligned to your business performance.

Discover Stage Step 2: Performance Analysis

In this step, we will evaluate the talent within your organization and determine whether you have the resources, with the necessary skill sets, needed to deliver on your business goals. We will identify talent voids and workforce skill gaps. And with the use of tools such as the AMA Talent Management Assessment System, DISC, Booth 360, and survey studies, we are able to help you focus your learning investment in the areas which will have the greatest return on your investment. We will set benchmarks and success criteria which will be evaluated at the conclusion of your learning solution