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Using Talent Management to Build a Culture of Excellence

Recording Date: June 13, 2007
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For organizations that are focused on lasting success, competing effectively for talent is critical. Changing demographics and baby boomer retirement is changing the face of the global workforce—and shrinking the talent pool.

The solution to winning the talent wars and creating and sustaining a culture of excellence is to have a comprehensive talent management system. Webcast presenter Lance A. Berger, author of The Talent Management Handbook, discusses the basic components of a TMS and offers insights on its implementation. The knowledge you gain could be the first step to ensuring your organization both attracts and keeps the employees it needs for future survival.

What You Will Learn

  • The definition of talent management
  • The relationship between business success, a culture of excellence and talent management
  • The four key components of a premium talent management system—including talent management strategies and assessment tools
  • A practical, five-step plan for implementing a first-class talent management system
  • About the Presenters

    Lance Berger is CEO of Lance A. Berger & Associates, Ltd., a diversified management advisory firm that provides comprehensive organization, talent management, compensation, human resources and other change management-based consulting services. The coauthor of Management Wisdom from the New York Yankees Dynasty: What Every Manager Can Learn from a Legendary Team’s 80 Year Winning Streak (2005), The Talent Management Handbook (2003), the third and fourth editions of The Compensation Handbook (1991, 2000), The Change Management Handbook (1994), Deengineering the Corporation: Leading Growth from Within (1998) and the author of numerous magazine articles, Berger continues to write on topics that include talent management, compensation, organization, strategy and culture change.


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