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The Progress Principle: Sparking Employee Engagement and Performance

Recording Date: March 14, 2012
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Everyday Actions That Drive Employee Engagement and Performance

Leaders face a formidable challenge in keeping employees engaged in their work—deeply involved and fully committed. Traditional motivators, like incentive systems, can get people to show up and do the work. But it takes something more to spark the passion that leads to the highest levels of creative productivity.

Recent research discovered that “something more”—progress in meaningful work, even “small wins.”

This webcast unravels the secrets of inner work life—the usually hidden emotions, perceptions, and motivations that arise as people react to events in their work day. You’ll discover how what you say and do every day can drive positive inner work life throughout your organization and fuel great performance for the long term. In addition, you find out ways to avoid the traps that can undermine inner work life and performance.

What You Will Learn

  • What inner work life is and why it matters to people and their organizations
  • How inner work life drives performance on four dimensions: 
    —Commitment to the work
    —Commitment to colleagues
  • How even incremental progress in meaningful work can lead to great inner work life
  • What you can do at the start of each project to make the work meaningful
  • How you can boost consistent progress by strategic use of “catalysts”—such as learning-oriented reactions to setbacks
  • How you can support healthy inner work life through “nourishers”—such as building camaraderie
  • How you can avoid the negativity traps of meaningless work, inhibitors to progress, and toxins that poison inner work life

Join us as we delve into the real-life diaries of people doing innovative work, to explore how small steps can lead to superior long-term performance.

While attending this program is FREE, reservations are required.

About the Presenters

Teresa Amabile is a professor and director of research at Harvard Business School. She has published over 100 scholarly articles on motivation, creativity, and everyday work life. In addition, she is the coauthor of The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work. For more information, visit www.progressprinciple.com.

Steven Kramer is a developmental psychologist and independent researcher who writes extensively for the Harvard Business Review. He is the coauthor of The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work. For more information, visit www.progressprinciple.com.


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