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AMA Student Membership $95

Start building the skills and business savvy necessary to get hired.

Become the candidate companies want working for them. With AMA’s Student Membership you will get "real world" information directly from leading business and management experts.

Student Membership Benefits

  • Preferred member pricing on all seminars

  • One FREE AMACOM book —choose from four best-selling titles

  • Up to 25% Savings on Last Minute Seating offers of popular seminars

  • 10% discount at AMA bookstores located in Executive Conference Centers

  • Invitations to webinars, webcasts, podcasts, special events and participation in member surveys.

Subscriptions to members-only publications:
AMA Quarterly—a print journal containing articles and editorials on emerging trends, developments and best practices

Talent Playbook—a monthly eNewsletter with insights and resources to help you develop your talent

  • Access to featured web content with informative articles of both timely and practical information on business issues

Any qualified student is eligible for a Student Membership and to receive the same benefits and privileges
enjoyed by our Individual members at a reduced rate.

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