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Project Management Solutions

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Project Management
101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them
Real project solutions when you need them: NOW.
AMA Handbook of Project Management
Winner of the prestigious PMI David I Cleland Project Management Literature Award in 2007
Blueprint for Project Recovery--A Project Management Guide
A complete system for getting wayward projects back on track.
Communications Skills for Project Managers
No project can be successful when people aren't informed.
Communications Skills for Project Managers
No project can be successful when people aren't informed.
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
For the toughest projects, technical knowledge alone just isn't enough...
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
When technical know-how just doesn't cut it…
Enterprise Project Governance
How to achieve harmonious project results across your entire organization.
Facilitating Project Performance Improvement
Don't risk project failure: multi-level learning gives any organization a firm foundation for project success—today and in the future.
Fundamentals of Project Management
Now in its fourth edition, an indispensable project management resource, fully updated for today's project manager.
Identifying and Managing Project Risk
Fully updated and revised, this is the essential guide that helps project managers minimize risk... and achieve incredible success.
Improving Your Project Management Skills
Based on the bestselling American Management Association seminar!
Little Black Book of Project Management
Amacom's classic black book on project management shows a new generation of readers the ropes with all new tips and strategies.
Maximizing Project Value
What's more important than whether a project is on time or on budget? Whether it delivers value.
Performance-Based Project Management
Lead your projects from powerful start to successful finish every time.
Program Management Office Advantage
Bringing an entire organization's projects in on time...and on budget!
Project Management for Non-Project Managers
Project management fundamentals for the key person often missing from the project team: the functional manager.
Project Management for Small Business
How to cut project management down to size—killer project strategies for small businesses.
Project Management Question and Answer Book
What is it? Is it right for my organization? Will it save me money and time? Everything you need to know about project management.
Project Management Step-by-Step
Exploring the thinking behind project management -- then putting it to work!
Project Management That Works
The ultimate survival guide for dealing with even the most difficult projects.
Project Management Tool Kit
The tools you need for success with every project!
Project Management Tool Kit
A brand-new edition of the indispensable project management guide!
Rescue the Problem Project
Back from the brink—the first fail-safe recovery plan for turning around troubled projects.
Results Without Authority
When you're in charge, but you're not "the boss,? how can you get a project done? This book provides the answers you need!
Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle
If you want your project to succeed you've got to manage your most important resource—your people.
Survival Guide for Project Managers
Understanding the process -- and the people -- behind successful project management.
Winning in Business with Enterprise Project Management
How to use the tools of project management on an enterprise-wide level to manage all aspects of the business.
Your Successful Project Management Career
All the advice and information new project managers crave.