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Management and Supervisory Skills Solutions

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Management and Supervisory Skills
101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems
A complete tool kit for handling disciplinary problems in a fair, responsible, and legally defensible way.
101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems
A complete tool kit for handling disciplinary problems in a fair, responsible, and legally defensible way.
101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees
Bad attitudes? Discipline and performance problems? Here's much-needed help for managers who need to "have a talk? with their people.
2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews
For managers and HR professionals who know what they mean -- here's what to say.
2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals
Enabling your employees to achieve their goals starts with helping them define what they are.
30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers
Do you know what your people really think of you ?
8 Practices of Exceptional Companies
How great organizations make the most of their human assets for enduring success.
96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire
Updated and expanded, a practical collection of probing interview questions designed to uncover the truth behind every job candidate.
AMA Business Boot Camp New
The collective wisdom of The American Management Association—right at your fingertips.
AMA Guide to Management Development
From the experts at the American Management Association, an indispensable look at how great organizations can make the most of their managers.
Army of Entrepreneurs
If everyone in the organization leapt into their workday as if they owned the place, just think what could be accomplished.
Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach
Discover the key to becoming an extraordinary coach.
Becoming an Extraordinary Manager
A top training consultant offers managers a practical action plan for mentoring, motivating, and managing their teams.
Bench Strength
How deep and strong is your organization's leadership "bench"?
Beyond Race and Gender
How to manage--and benefit from--the ever-increasing diversity of the American workforce.
Finally…a user's guide for thinking outside the box.
Building a House for Diversity
A fable about a giraffe and an elephant offers new strategies for today's workforce.
Building on the Promise of Diversity
"We have a diverse society and a diverse workforce. Have we done enough to reap the full benefits of this diversity? One of the world's most acclaimed experts says, "not yet" —and shows us how to mov
Business Confidential
From the situation room to the boardroom: intelligence secrets to win your corporate war—cold or hot.
Busy Manager's Guide to Delegation
All managers need to delegate. This book shows them how to do it right.
A new way of doing business for increasingly turbulent times.
Class with Drucker
"A series of compelling lessons...and some wonderful anecdotes—fascinating.?—Globe and Mail
Coaching Connection
If an individual employee is improving through coaching... shouldn't the organization he works for see some results, too?
Coaching for Emotional Intelligence
To bring out the best in your employees, remember that performance is only the beginning.
Communication Problem Solver
When what you've got is a failure to communicate, business breaks down. Here's a process managers can use to connect with their people.
Complete Guide to Hiring and Firing Government Employees
How to find great performers…and lose poor ones.
Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal
Everything you need to develop, create or improve, implement, and manage a performance appraisal system that actually helps improve employees' work.
Conflict 101
When conflict brews at the office, it's a manager's job to cool things down.
Corporate University Handbook
A comprehensive guide to creating and runing a successful corporate university.
Cost Management Toolbox
How to use financial information to strategically manage costs.
Critical Thinking Toolkit
It's not just for geniuses. Everyone can learn to think creatively, analytically, and quickly with brain-boosting activities for the workplace.
Danger in the Comfort Zone
An important and controversial examination of corporate complacency -- and how to overcome it.
Adventure stories for today's fast-paced business environment!
Designing Dynamic Organizations
The first truly practical guide for executives and managers who need to make restructuring decisions.
Discipline Without Punishment
One of the all-time classics of performance management...now more useful than ever.
Diversity Code
Diversity is about more than just compliance.
Diversity Index
Are we better off today than we were 50 years ago?
Effective Succession Planning
The definitive guide to a timely and timeless topic— now fully revised and updated.
Enemy of Engagement
Eye-opening new research into an often-overlooked threat to employee engagement and workplace productivity.
EQ Interview
The only book of its kind- co-published with the Society for Human Resource Management.
Everything HR Kit
What's that? You don't have an HR department? Or, you ARE the HR department? This is the one-stop resource you've been looking for.
Facilitator's Fieldbook
Make any group work like a well-oiled machine!
Facilitator's Fieldbook
Fully updated, the indispensible guide that keeps teams and groups humming along…and getting results.
Field Tested
Organizations that hire veterans have an unquestionable edge in the market place. Here's how to do it right.
First-Time Manager
More than a quarter o
From Difficult to Disturbed
Practical psychology for dealing with the most challenging employees.
From the Bureau to the Boardroom
Discover the art of being a courageous and vigilant leader from some of our most fearless agents.
Full Engagement!
How do you light a fire under every employee? Brian Tracy, the Master of Motivation, shows how!
Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management
In today's business environment, risk is a natural part of life. This book gives readers an entire framework for managing it for great results.
Generations, Inc.
When Woodstock meets Facebook at the watercooler.
Get Weird!
Dozens of easy, creative ways to strengthen any business. (Did we mention that they're fun?)
Getting to Innovation
Creative ideas matter only if they address the challenges your business must meet.
Growing Your Company's Leaders
By making succession management a part of business strategy, companies will always be able to fill key leadership positions.
Harvesting Intangible Assets
Discover how you can turn your company's intangible assets into REAL profit.
High-Impact Interview Questions
Ask the right questions . . . hire the right employee!
Hiring and Firing Question and Answer Book
Fast answers to the most pressing questions about how to safely, effectively hire and fire employees.
How the Best Leaders Lead
Lead yourself—and your company—into the future with these powerful, proven leadership strategies from Brian Tracy.
HR Answer Book
Fully updated advice on hundreds of critical human resources topics!
Identifying and Managing Project Risk
Fully updated and revised, this is the essential guide that helps project managers minimize risk... and achieve incredible success.
Improving Employee Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching
There's more to performance management than the yearly review. Here's how to get exceptional performance from every employee!
Improving the Performance of Government Employees
The key to achieving maximum performance from every government employee.
Innovation Killer
For true innovation, you may need to think outside the box -- and outside the company.
Invaluable Knowledge
What happens when your technical and professional workers start retiring en masse—and taking their knowledge with them?
Investing in Your Company's Human Capital
"A thorough explanation of human investment options from which an executive can make a better decision." -- Jac Fitz-enz, from the Foreword
Keeping Employees Accountable for Results
How to make sure employees meet their goals -- and yours.
Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business
It takes more than money to keep valuable employees--and win the war for talent.
Lead by Example
Get people to follow your lead by giving them a reason to believe in you.
Lead Your Boss
A guidebook for those who have the vision and drive to take the organization to the next level...and a boss.
Leadership Advantage
Great leadership is a necessity, not a luxury. This research-based book will help companies develop their next generation of rising stars.
Leading Leaders
A unique leadership challenge: the ability to manage other leaders.
Lean but Agile
Powerful strategies for streamlining your staff and the work they do.
Little Book of Leadership Development
Great things come in little packages: 50 commonsense (but rarely common) ideas for building the leadership potential of others.
Making Sense of Strategy
How "strategic" is planning that's constantly being outpaced by the realities of business? Finally -- straight talk about real strategy.
Management 500
"An incredible, hard-hitting book that is loaded with proven, practical ideas and strategies to pump up the profits of any business.? —Brian Tracy
Management Skills for New Managers
Your company thinks you're ready to manage. We think you could use a little help.
Management Would Be Easy...If It Weren't for the People
A guide to managing people more effectively by understanding the basic principles of psychology.
Management? It's Not What You Think!
Think you know what management is? Think again!
Manager's Guide to Coaching
The secret weapon every manager needs to take employees from good to exceptional.
Manager's Guide to HR
What every manager needs to know about human resources... simplified, clarified, and easy to flip to.
Manager's Guide to Improving Workplace Performance
"Provides sound advice that managers can actually practice!"- Marshall Goldsmith
Manager's Guide to Maximizing Employee Potential
Taking talent management out of the HR department and placing it in the hands of those truly responsible for their people...the managers.
Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams
Maximize the power of teamwork — even when team members are worlds apart.
Manager's Pocket Calculator
How do you go from competent manager to indispensable business asset? Do the math!
Manager's Question and Answer Book
Managers have questions -- now they have the answers!
Managing Crises Before They Happen
Egypt Air. Nike. The Intel Chip. Could these crises have been prevented? Maybe. Could they have been handled better? Definitely.
Managing Government Employees
Whether in the corporate world or in the government, managing is about accountability and results.
Motivational Management
The secret to helping employees perform the way they want to.
Myself and Other More Important Matters
One of the world’s most influential living management thinkers, Charles Handy has year-after-year been listed alongside business gurus including Peter Drucker
New Manager's Starter Kit
Here's the book to help new managers learn the ropes--without hanging themselves!
New Manager's Toolkit
Learning how to be a great manager can take years. This book gives readers the tools they need to get great results from their people now.
New Supervisor's Survival Manual
Real-world skills for everyone faced with the challenge of becoming a supervisor.
Nice Teams Finish Last
There's nothing nice about lack of results. This powerful book of exercises helps teams get less "nice? and become more effective.
Now, Build a Great Business!
The seven most crucial components of business growth!
Outsourcing for Radical Change
Competive advantage through revolutionary outsourcing strategies.
Passionate Organization
Ignite the fire of employee commitment.
Perfectly Able
An inspiring, practical guide for incorporating disability into any organization's diversity program.
Performance Appraisal Question and Answer Book
End every manager's nightmare: conducting performance appraisals.
Power of Business Process Improvement
"A good process eliminates wasted time.? - Bill Gates
Power of Convergence
Go beyond simple alignment to maximize the role, impact, and value of technology in your organization.
Power of Positive Criticism
Here's some invaluable, hands-on guidance on a very touchy subject.
Power of Strategic Commitment
Strategy is worthless without commitment.
Power of Strategy Innovation
Strategy Innovation: sound business planning meets your company's bold vision of the future.
Productive Performance Appraisals
A fast and easy guide for turning the dreaded performance appraisal into a constructive, collaborative effort.
Quick Brainstorming Activities for Busy Managers
Fast, simple jump-starters for managers who need to get great ideas from their people!
Quick Emotional Intelligence Activities for Busy Managers
Teams that succeed are those that know how best to work together. This book shows managers how to get fast, powerful results.
Quick Meeting Openers for Busy Managers
Setting the stage for great meetings!
Real-Time Contact Center
New technology and best practices to turn your contact center into a revenue generator.
Relational Enterprise
An entirely new enterprise model is emerging. This seminal book explains how to leverage its power.
Resolving Conflicts on the Job
A quick resource for keeping and preserving harmony.
ROI of Human Capital
How do you quantify the value of employees? Very carefully.
Rookie Manager
A step-by-step guidebook to mastering management skills.
Safe Place for Dangerous Truths
Using dialogue to overcome fear and distrust at work.
Seeds of Innovation
Real-world strategies for creating and nurturing innovative thought and activity.
Seeing Is Believing
Wait till your employees see this.
Shortcuts for Smart Managers
Checklists, worksheets, and action plans for managers with no time to waste.
Sourcing Solution
Straight information and practical steps for better purchasing and procurement.
Spiral Up
When it comes to unique management endeavors, what does it take to work wonders?
Survival Guide to Managing Employees from Hell
For anyone stuck with a problem employee, here's a must-have manual.
Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook
An indispensable handbook of tools and advice for environmentally responsible organizations.
Team-Building Tool Kit
An updated, expanded edition of the book that team builders have come to rely on.
Territorial Games
Understanding and ending turf wars in the workplace.
Transforming Performance Measurement
You can't accurately gauge your company's performance if you don't know what -- or how -- to measure.
Trouble with HR
What to do when HR's old tricks for finding talent don't work anymore.
Value Driven Management
"An important--and timely--contribution to management thought." --Tom Peters
What Every Manager Needs to Know About Sexual Harassment
Can you say anything about sex at the office anymore? Yes, maybe, but read this first.
What Every New Manager Needs to Know
All the skills new managers need to become top performers.
Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better from a Crisis
Disaster is a certainty -- but "disaster planning" is not enough.
Wright Way
The Wright brothers changed the world. On the centennial anniversary of their first flight, The Wright Way presents the problem-solving principles that can take any business to new heights.
You've Gotta Have Heart
The CEO of one of America's most respected organizations shows nonprofits how to go from good to great.