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Our Faculty

As you may know, our organization’s scope has grown dramatically over the years. Since the creation of American Management Association in the United States in 1923, AMA has extended its global reach by founding Management Centre Europe in Brussels in 1961, Management Center de Mexico in Mexico City in 1966, and Canadian Management Centre in Toronto in 1974, and we serve the rest of the world through licensees.

A truly international presence, AMA creates value for its worldwide clients by improving individual and organizational management and leadership capabilities and performance, thereby increasing our clients’ capabilities to create value for others.

Our expert faculty practitioners are AMA’s most valued resource. Their expertise and commitment drive our reputation for excellence as the world’s leading member-based management development and training organization.

Since 1923, AMA’s partnership with faculty practitioners has been helping business professionals learn practical management skills and explore the best practices of world-class organizations.

This part of our site is committed to our highly valued and respected global cadre of expert faculty practitioners.

We welcome any questions or comments. Please do not hesitate to e-mail Marty Leon.

Very truly yours,

Edward T. Reilly
President and
Chief Executive Officer