Unleashing Growth Leaders in your Organization

Jan 24, 2019

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Learn How to Leverage Existing Resources to Accelerate Organic Business Growth.

Is your company still struggling to grow?

Most are.

Credit remains tight. Confidence is fragile. The vitality of the recovery itself remains uncertain.

Growth in this economy won’t be about risky marketing plays or highly leveraged mega deals. What you need now is a solid strategy for growing from within, using resources already at hand.

This webcast will first share highlights from unique research that revealed a rare breed of growth leaders driving significant organic revenue growth—not at high-tech start-ups—but inside some of world’s largest and best established companies. You will then learn exactly what these growth catalysts do to ignite organic growth and build high-performing growth organizations.

The core of this session will be a close review of the seven formulas growth catalysts use to reframe value propositions for customers: Diving Deep; Swimming for the Surface; Swimming Sideways; Bundling; Finding White Space; Networking; and Starbucking.

  • The most common ways organizations unintentionally block organic growth
  • Success stories of growth catalysts in action
  • Practical growth leader behaviors you can apply to accelerate organic growth



Mark Smith spearheads the growth leadership practice at Healthy Companies International, a global management consulting and research firm based in Arlington, Virginia. He conducts ongoing research clarifying the leadership characteristics, workplace culture, and processes that enable organizations to grow sustainably and predictably.

Mark has worked with top executives at 15 Fortune 500 Companies, six Global 100 Companies, and dozens of other commercial and government organizations around the world. Among those clients: ADM, Black and Decker, Fiat, IBM, Kraft Foods, Merck, NASA, and Novartis.