The Art of Collaborative Teaming

Jan 24, 2019

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Getting Your Team Up to Speed

Collaborative skills are important for every team member to master.

Applied successfully, they will facilitate more effective problem solving, idea generation, and product improvement within your own team as well as cross-functionally throughout your organization.

Join us as we explore the language and techniques of collaboration and offers insights that can lead you to more visibility and recognition for increased career success.

Effective collaboration requires a process. This Webcast identifies and examines the key components, including:

  • What is a collaborative mindset? 
  • Ways to build trusting relationships
  • Advice for helping team members to share important, valuable goals that transcend their personal goals 
  • Why it is so important to set aside your own priorities to meet the team goal
  • Building strong relationships with your “go to” people 
  • Tips for solidifying your current network



Pauline Larkin is a consultant and trainer working with clients in the areas of leadership development, performance management, organizational culture and communication skills. Pauline's mission is to help everyone experience more great days at work. She designs and delivers training, coaching, face-to-face and live online sessions, transforming some of the areas that are painful at work into areas of competence and impact.