Surviving Corporate Mayhem

Jan 24, 2019

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With your business at stake, can you.

  • Make decisions in high-pressure situations?
  • Predict how functional units will interact?
  • Use financial data to make the right decisions?
  • Exercise personal leadership when it counts?

Do YOU have what it takes? Here is your opportunity to find out!

In this highly interactive Webcast you’ll learn—through simulations of rapid-fire situations—how a business really operates. During the simulations, you have a say in how decisions get made. Then the Webcast leaders discuss the consequences of each potential decision.

You’ll learn first-hand about the interdependencies of vision, goals, strategies and tactics. Discover the value chain inherent in developing, manufacturing and selling your organization’s products and services. Find out about the need for cross-functional communication and teamwork to align leadership vision with what actually gets done.

Experience—in real time—how your actions contribute to the company’s success (or failure) and how your decisions affect the organization’s critical units. In just one hour you’ll expand your point of view and gain many years’ worth of business insight!

If you’re eager to step up to take a leadership role, you can’t afford to miss this exciting, insightful Webcast!

  • The need to align execution and organizational strategy at every level
  • Organizational interdependencies between multiple business units
  • The key elements of a high-performing team
  • The consequences of your decisions on the entire organization
  • Cross-functional communication and methods for overcoming the “silo effect”
  • Making effective decisions about optimizing your available resource

This webcast is for vice presidents, directors, and division and midlevel functional managers across all units who want to broaden their perspective to consider all aspects of business as well as prepare for more general management roles.


Nick Horney, Ph.D. is founder and principal of Agility Consulting and Training (ACT), an organization providing consulting, leadership development and executive coaching that enables leaders, teams and organizations to build and sustain strategic agility and resilience within a turbulent and uncertain environment.  Recognized as an expert in strategic ability, Dr. Horney served on the Executive Committee of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) as Vice President of Client and Constituency Relations.

Mary Eckenrod is currently Vice President, Global Talent and Organization Development for global PC and Thinkpad leader, Lenovo. She works with a worldwide team building talent management processes to identify, assess and accelerate the development of leadership talent. Mary has led talent management and development for several major global organizations including Kraft Foods, Cisco Systems, Rockwell International and Johnson Controls International. She has also run her own consulting firm where she worked with a global client base addressing HR strategy and alignment and executive development initiatives.