Managing in Government

Jan 24, 2019

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The persistent myth in managing government employees is that the red tape, rigid regulations and frustrating HR standards have made effective management an almost impossible task.

That impression is just plain false.

While managing in the public sector presents a number of unique challenges and constraints, none of them should keep you from motivating your staff to become high-performing employees.

The truth is that when you approach your management tasks with a flexible mindset and the right tools, you can develop a committed workforce, manage difficult people successfully and get superior performance from your staff.

Join this webcast as we explore a number of techniques for meeting the challenges and stressful situations supervisors in government face on a daily basis. For example, Mr. Liff explores and offers advice on:

  • Proven approaches for providing clear training, guidance and direction
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of dealing with unions
  • Confronting the tough stuff: poor performance and bad behaviors
  • Ways to handle common EEO issues and complaints