Management Readiness for Big Data: Skills, Talent and Tools

Jan 24, 2019

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Big data…big deal?

Information is supposed to make us smarter, but more often than not, it simply overwhelms us.

This program is for you if you feel like you’re drowning in data and unsure which data to use to drive your company initiatives.

The truth is that the amount of data available to help run your business is greater than ever before. To effectively use this information, managers must consider the practical side of big data...what matters to you is how do you grow and build a team to make smarter decisions. 

Much of the information out there just discusses the promise of the data deluge. The challenge is not the volume of data but rather the judgment needed to use it. This webcast focuses on the abilities needed to discover, interpret and deliver data analytics across products and segments.

In this webcast, you’ll explore:

  • Specific skills to effectively frame the problem you’re addressing to uncover key opportunities and drive growth
  • Critical marketing steps of orientation necessary before engaging tools and technology
  • How to simply and quickly amplify decision making by separating the signal from the noise
  • 7 key questions you should be asking linking analytics to strategy.

Too often people dive into the data only to be lost in haze of data. This discussion will be pragmatic and immediately applicable to managers across all industries.



Christopher Frank is vice president of business-to-business and communications research at American Express, where he is responsible for advertising, brand, and business-to-business research. He is a respected speaker and leader in market research and advertising worldwide. Prior to joining American Express, Frank spent 10 years at Microsoft, as senior director of corporate research. He is the coauthor of Drinking From the Firehose.



Paul Magnone is a tech strategist and business development leader who consults on strategic decisions and growth opportunities. Previously, he was VP of Business Development at Openet Telecom, a mobile telecom and big data software firm. He holds two patents and has extensive experience building strategic alliances spanning Fortune 100 organizations and with U.S., European and Israeli venture capital firms. He is the coauthor of Drinking from the Firehose.