Leveraging Uncertainty as Fuel for Innovation, Creativity and Profit

Jan 24, 2019

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In this highly-practical presentation, entrepreneur and author Jonathan Fields draws upon research and insights from his new book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance to reveal a set of environmental changes, workflow adaptations and daily personal practices that profoundly alter the deeper psychology of creation and innovation.

Join us to discover ways to fuel individuals and organizations to create exponentially better solutions and bring them to market faster, and do so in a way that allows those driving the process to experience it with far more ease, joy and satisfaction.

Fields’ approach also equips you with a set of simple daily personal practices designed to create sustained improvement in mindset, energy, focus, creativity, health and life.



Jonathan Fields is on a mission to equip creators in business and life with the tools needed not only to innovate, serve, solve and create on a radically different level but enjoy the process in a way they never imagined possible. After leaving a career as an S.E.C. and megafirm securities lawyer, Fields turned to the world of wellness and entrepreneurship, founding, building, then selling two industry-leading specialized health and fitness companies. Since 2008, he has continued to research and develop business, innovation and mindset tools and strategies, sharing what he’s learned as an author, speaker, trainer and AdAge Power 150 blogger at JonathanFields.com.