Integrating Sustainability into Strategy, Design and Practice

Jan 24, 2019

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Does your company have what it takes to stand the test of time?

Most businesses in today’s rapidly changing marketplace are grasping the importance of sustainability. Whether willingly or grudgingly, organizations are accepting responsibility for the impact they have on the natural environment, the people they employ and the societies they operate in.

They’re implementing recycling initiatives, discussing the triple bottom line and considering their impact on the physical world around them.

These companies are certainly on the right track, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win out in the long run. Organizations must develop a comprehensive management approach that fully integrates triple bottom line commitment into their strategies, organization designs and management practices.

What companies need is a “management reset.”

In this Webcast, Ed Lawler and Chris Worley will explain why companies must reorganize their structure and their approach to management in order to become truly sustainably effective.

Ninety-three percent of companies believe sustainability issues are critical to the future success of their firms. Despite this, only 54% believe this is being achieved in their company. In this program, you’ll discover:

  • Why the old ways of managing are no longer relevant
  • What a “sustainably effective” organization looks like
  • Real-life examples of companies that are on the right path 
  • How you can transform your organization into tomorrow’s sustainably-effective leader 
  • How your company can become more agile and flexible—an increasingly important asset in today’s business environment
  • The role of boards, talent and shared leadership in supporting sustainability

For 60 minutes, you’ll hear how your organization can be designed to support sustainability as well hear about how top companies, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Netflix, and Nokia are already on the leading-edge of sustainable effectiveness.