How to Write Fast When It’s Due Yesterday

Jan 24, 2019

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Projects with unreasonably short deadlines.. the last minute proposal...a presentation just added to your calendar for early next week...that report you've been putting off that's due tomorrow...all of us have faced this struggle.

Unorganized and directionless, you often forget the basic steps required to get it done and end up spending more time than necessary to complete the task.

If you're reading this with the distinct feeling that you've "been there, done that", you can use some help in dealing with such situations and this Webcast is for you.

You'll learn techniques helping you manage high-pressure writing situations (writing for the boss, writing collaboratively, writing from quick responses to elaborate analyses) in all kinds of environments (crowded offices, busy conference rooms, and noisy public places like air, rail, or bus terminals), and under all kinds of time pressures-even when it is due yesterday!

For example, the Webcast covers:

  • Time-wasting myths and time-management realities in the writing process
  • Proven techniques for getting started quickly to meet short writing deadlines
  • How to prioritize your writing tasks to put first things first
  • Specific tricks and tactics to write faster under pressure
  • Tips for creating an environment conducive to writing efficiency
  • A simple quality control process for writing from the top down
  • How to develop a proactive plan to write under pressure



Philip Vassallo, Ph.D., has designed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs—many of them for AMA—for more than 20,000 executive, managerial, supervisory, administrative, and technical professionals internationally over the past three decades. He is the author of the books How to Write Fast Under PressureThe Art of E-Mail Writing, and The Art of On-the-Job Writing. He has edited major reports for government and corporate clients. He also writes the blog Words on the Line, which offers practical tips for developing writers. Phil holds a doctorate in educational theory and has taught internationally, currently as a faculty member of the Beijing International MBA program.