How to Say “No” at Work and Still Keep Your Job

Jan 24, 2019

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Despite crushing schedules, are you like most of us who take on additional assignments, accept projects that we know we can’t handle properly, and feel like we need to be available to everybody?

Learning to say “no” effectively and at the appropriate times, is a critical skill that can move your career forward and build your professional credibility.

This Webcast provides tips and techniques to deliver your negative message clearly, succinctly, and calmly (inside and out!) with and without using the actual word "no."  Topics to be covered include:

  • 20 different ways to say "no"
  • 5 steps to assert yourself and mean what you say
  • Proven ways to say "no"—with and without the word "no"
  • Saving face and saying "no" after you said "yes" to a boss' request
  • How to say "no" when:
    — requested to work overtime—again or at the last minute
    — you have previous plans
    — you are told you are the perfect/best person for the task 
    — you are juggling multiple priorities or a heavy workload
    — you are asked by peers for assistance

Special Content for Administrative Professionals

In addition to the archived Webcast, we have provided a brief supplemental presentation targeted specifically to the needs of administrative professionals.



Donna M. Festa-Zereconski, founder and president of Richmond Consulting Group, Inc., is a human resources specialist in the field of professional development. She has extensive experience in designing and facilitating professional and management development programs in a variety of service-oriented industries at all employee levels. Her areas of expertise include interpersonal skills, management development, communication skills, and employee productivity. She is a course leader for American Management Association and professional development facilitator for Kaplan K12 Learning Services in New York and New Jersey.