High-Impact Decision Making

Jan 24, 2019

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One skill that differentiates great leaders from the rest of us is decision making—especially in situations where the stakes are high.

Like all of us, you make many decisions every day—but when it comes to high-impact decisions, you cannot afford to make errors in judgment. Knowing how to make the right choices in such situations can strongly influence your ability to get ahead in both your career and in life.

But how do you learn to make the right choice?

During the Webcast, you’ll learn about the many pitfalls and traps that we all fall into while making decisions and discover a number of techniques used by successful leaders to make decisions in critical situations.

Luda Kopeikina will reveal an entirely new way of decision making based upon neuroscience, sports performance training research and her work with over 100 CEOs. Join us as we explore:

  • Five core practices of successful decision making that separate the best from the rest
  • What you can do today to improve your decision making
  • Steps you can take to deal with fear and other emotions as you are facing a decision
  • When you feel that you are stuck, what you can do to come out of it and make a clear choice
  • And much more!

This webcast is ideal for managers who face decisions that impact other people, projects and their company’s success