Handling Problem Employees: Avoiding Lawsuits and Investigation Disasters

Jan 24, 2019

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Every organization has them…

  • Severe attendance problems
  • Chronic rule breakers and persistent troublemakers
  • Nuisance claims of discrimination or wrongful termination
  • Injuries, illnesses and workers’ compensation lawsuits

How will YOU ease your problem employee headaches?

As a manager, you realize that dealing with problem employees is an integral part of your job. For the well-being of your company, it’s absolutely vital that you handle them efficiently, appropriately…and within the letter of the law. To keep everyday issues from escalating into full-scale disasters, it’s up to you to know the rules and apply best practices.

In this Webcast, you’ll discover effective solutions to common problems. You’ll find out how to lay the groundwork for cutting off problems before they grow out of control. And you’ll gain a new understanding of the essential processes for dealing with employees, including necessary documentation and corrective actions.

  • Dealing with problems before they escalate
  • Documenting unacceptable employee behavior
  • Preventing lawsuits and claims
  • Handling disciplinary actions, including verbal and written warnings, suspensions and discharges
  • Setting clear rules on key workplace issues, such as alcohol and drug use, attendance, insubordination and criminal behavior



Thomas M. Hanna has practiced labor and employment law for more than 41 years and in 23 states, representing clients ranging from small-business to Fortune 500 companies. He has litigated hundreds of cases before federal and state courts, governmental agencies and in arbitration. Mr. Hanna is the author of the AMACOM Book The Employer’s Legal Advisor.