FIRESIDE CHAT: Responding to a Need—The Women’s Leadership Certificate Program

Jan 24, 2019

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Take a deeper dive into the career and organizational needs behind AMA’s new Women’s Leadership Certificate Program with Lauren McNally of the AMA Women’s Leadership Center and Ann Evanston, the course developer. They’ll discuss feedback that professional women have shared in surveys and at learning events, indicating there are still organizational obstacles they encounter despite having demonstrated leadership skills.

Discover why conviction and courage are integral to leadership development, and how this course addresses that need, as well as specific reasons this certificate program offers skills and knowledge not typically covered in other leadership courses.

Learn how this unique program provides:

  • A more holistic approach to leadership skill development compared with similar programs
  • Insights into why both skills and a strong leadership voice are essential to demonstrating the value you can add to your organization
  • Strategies for advancement through relationship building and strategic negotiation
  • An opportunity to network and explore comprehensive leadership skills in a supportive environment with like-minded women



Ann Evanston, M.A., is a social psychologist who has taken her networking strategies and tactics and applied them in person and online with great success. Over the last year and a half, she has received a book series deal, speaking engagements, and over $50,000 in business through social networking. She is ranked #2 of top influencers in the San Francisco Bay area on Twitter and has over one million Google-able hits. This has been all due to social media. Her success comes from understanding the social psychology of networking online, a point many people miss.


Lauren McNally is Director, AMA’s Women’s Leadership Center, where she oversees the strategic direction of WLC Membership and corporate initiatives. This includes content vision, event planning and marketing strategies. Lauren developed AMA’s first Membership for women, building a comprehensive benefits program for professionals to support their advancement in the workplace. Membership was built for both individuals and corporations, with the ability to scale and support women’s initiatives of any size globally. With 13 years of creative and marketing experience, Lauren also leads AMA’s creative department and email channel.