Developing a Leadership Pipeline That Works

Jan 24, 2019

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Over the next five years, approximately 72 million Millennials will be in the workforce. As the Baby Boom generation retires – taking their accrued experience and institutional knowledge with them – the need for cultivating new leaders becomes even more urgent.

A recent AMA/I4CP study indicates that only a third of organizations rate their leadership development efforts as effective, putting sustained business success at risk.

If organizations recognize that this is such a critical issue, why are so few of them making progress in addressing it?

Ideally, leadership development should be aligned with business strategy, and it should ensure a robust pipeline of people ready to step up to leadership positions. The importance of this alignment and readiness is highlighted by the often urgent, ongoing quest for effective methodologies.

AMA is convening this forum to allow senior talent management executives to share their thoughts and experiences in building and managing leadership pipelines. Join us for a frank and lively discussion addressing key issues:

  • Steps being taken to prepare Millennials for leadership positions
  • What assessments to use for identifying talent for development opportunities 
  • The core competencies needed for leaders to be successful 
  • How to reinvent the concept of career development to be about the next experience rather than the next promotion

A well-defined and robust leadership pipeline delivers important benefits to every organization. This program allows you to discover how others are facing the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities of developing their next generation of leaders.



Erika Harden is Director, Learning & Performance, with Woodward, Inc., a $2.3 billion Aerospace & Energy Corporation headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. Erika has 15 years experience as a human resource professional spanning all aspects of HR Management in a variety of settings, including consulting firms, corporations, government and academics.

Nicholas Igneri is VP of Education at American Management Association and is instrumental in the design, implementation, and management of AMA's learning programs. Previously, Igneri held leadership positions at Docent, now SumTotal, as Director of Professional Services, and VitesseLearning as VP of Learning Solutions.

Anthony Lewis is Senior Manager of Organizational Effectiveness & Talent Management at Yamaha Corporation of America. In addition, he is President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

Brian Patterson is the Senior Training Consultant & Instructional Designer for Commercial Education with Roche Diagnostics. He has 25 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing high quality training in both governmental and corporate organizations, ranging from the Department of Defense to Eli Lilly and Company to Roche Diagnostics.