Consolidations: How the New Guidance Impacts Your Company

Jan 24, 2019

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Consolidations: How the New Guidance Impacts Your CompanyNew accounting rules issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) in late 2007 provide guidance on the accounting and reporting for business combinations and minority interests in consolidation financial statements.

Join this Webcast where we'll examine the new consolidation guidance concerning Statement 141(R), Statement 160.

Led by renowned GAAP expert Tim Gearty from Becker Gearty CPE, this fast-paced Webcast will examine:

  • Key provisions of these new accounting and reporting practices.
  • Immediate implications of the changes mandated by the statements.
  • Advice on how to execute and report transactions effectively.

Furthermore, FAS 141(R) extends fair-value requirements to new areas. This will have implications in all business combinations, requiring greater rigor in designing deals, complex valuation and revaluation, and the need for ongoing monitoring of estimates and post-acquisition evaluation metrics.

These changes become mandatory in 2009 so this Webcast is a great way to start planning now before they take effect.

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