Building a Proactive 7 Habits Culture Through Leadership in a Down Economy

Jan 24, 2019

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Why You Must Break the Mold and Redefine Your Culture—Now!

Getting through this recession calls for flexibility, adaptability, and creativity.

In short, the industrial age, top-down cultures we are familiar with are not able to meet current challenges.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey believes that what organizations need do is develop a strategically-minded, committed, and creative culture that is able to adapt to the realities of the economic landscape.

Join this Webcast as Dr. Covey explains the DNA of corporate culture and offers sage advice for developing an agile and robust culture using an approach based in the principles of The 7 Habits.

Dr. Covey will offer examples of organizations that have thrown out command and control cultures and reinvented themselves to meet the needs of the "new normal." Join us for this enlightening talk, which will explore:

  • How to use the “talking stick” approach to unleash staff creativity
  • Avoiding the trap of attempting to reinvent culture via artificial gestures
  • Where the 7 habits fit into the framework of an effective corporate culture
  • Why slow is fast and fast is slow
  • Ways to turn restraining forces into driving forces
  • And much, much more