Beyond Words: Reading the Hidden Communications in Your Professional Interactions

Jan 24, 2019

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Discover how to read the nonverbal signals of others

Research shows that an amazing 60-90% of our communication is nonverbal. So just what is it that others are telling you with their gestures, expressions and other body language?  What are you conveying to them?  And how can you use this information to better manage our clients and colleagues?

Researcher and trainer Dr. Anne Beall will explain the basics of reading others and show you how to interpret several elements of communication that are often overlooked in professional interactions.  

  • Micro-expressions, which are often unseen, reveal emotions people are trying to hide
  • What the eyes tell you about how interested a person is in what you’re saying, how much he or she likes you, and how difficult it is for that person to discuss that topic
  • What gestures can tell you about how people visualize things in their minds
  • What adaptors are and what they reveal

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