AMA’s Checklist: How to Evaluate Your Company’s Global Initiative

Jan 24, 2019

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If you find yourself drawn to the potential of moving your business into the global marketplace, but are concerned about the costs, risks and "not knowing what you don't know," AMA's Global Initiative Checklist can help your decision making by highlighting the initial financial and compliance issues associated with such a move. These issues have significant—potentially negative—impact if they are not understood clearly from the start.Led by the internationally recognized consultant Larry Harding of High Street Partners, this eye-opening Webcast will cover these vital concerns and help you ...

  • Understand the requirements of Transfer Pricing and its importance to your business
  • Learn the concept of Permanent Establishment ("PE"), and assess where your company could have PE risks that need to be addressed
  • Identify how local compliance regulations can be understood and addressed
  • Question whether internal controls will be extended to the new global subsidiary
  • Assess the impact of local employment, income and other taxes on the overall cost of doing business overseas
  • Hear where problems typically arise with companies undertaking a new global initiative
  • Have your questions fielded by an expert in taking companies global

If the possibility of global expansion is on your company's horizon, this Webcast could be the single most important—and interesting—hour you can spend in weighing your opportunities and challenges.