All the Leader You Can Be: How to Develop Extraordinary Executive Presence

Jan 24, 2019

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Learn to Command Attention and Inspire Commitment

Every leader knows that executive presence is important. 

But what is it, really, and why does it matter?  Most people say, “I know it when I see it.”  But that doesn’t help you to develop presence and become all the leader you can be. 

In this webcast, bestselling author and top CEO coach Suzanne Bates will reveal new, breakthrough research on the essential qualities of executive presence and influence. Suzanne will share strategies for standing out in your organization and industry, including:

  • What enables a leader to win trust and goodwill essential to winning hearts and minds
  • How to build credibility with customers, managers, employees and your peers
  • The secrets that enable leaders to engage, align and mobilize people to go above and beyond

Bates coaches top leaders in the Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of industries globally. Join us for this practical, inspiring discussion of the X-factor in leadership. You’ll learn how to take a complementary pre-assessment survey that highlights areas of executive presence that could be important to you in your career journey.



Suzanne Bates is CEO of Bates Communication, Inc., a high-profile speaker, and former award-winning television news anchor. She is the author of Speak Like a CEO, which has been published in five languages and is in its 11th printing, as well as Motivate Like a CEODiscover Your CEO Brand and her latest, All the Leader You Can Be.