Active Training Strategies Guaranteed to Promote Involvement, Learning and Change

Jan 24, 2019

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The goal of active training is to...

  • minimize lecturing (and slide shows)
  • increase participation
  • enliven learning
  • deepen retention
  • encourage application Method

Developed by Mel Silberman, training guru and best-selling author, The Active Training™ Method is proven to deliver these results, even if you teach dry material. It also applies to any topic, from the softest to the hardest.

Plus, it works with small groups or large audiences in live or virtual classrooms.

From team building to safety standards, from conflict management to project management, from new employee orientation to advanced training, you can turn your ordinary training sessions into extraordinary events.

Join us for this informative Webcast where Silberman will explain the ins and outs of Active Training™ and provide you with practical strategies designed to enliven your training sessions.

Some of these methods are a lot of fun and some are downright serious, but they all work to deepen involvement, learning and change.

Some people have been successful with active training strategies just by reading Silberman’s books. By attending this Webcast, you’ll hear directly from him and gain a wealth of practical advice and specific methods, including:

  • how to engage your participants from the start
  • how to make your training sessions brain-friendly and interactive
  • how to urge your participants to ask questions
  • how to let your participants learn from each other
  • how to enhance learning through experiencing and doing
  • how to make the end unforgettable


Mel Silberman is a psychologist known internationally as a pioneer in the areas of active learning, interpersonal intelligence, and team development. He is professor of adult and organizational development at Temple University and president of Active Training, a provider of products, seminars and publications.