Accountability from Top to Bottom

Jan 24, 2019

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Would your work life improve if the people around you were more accountable?

Employees are feeling the heat to respond to and deliver on higher expectations in the same or shorter time frames. Yet despite the demands noted above, executives are finding that the gap between expectations and delivery still exists.

Experts point to the blatant absence of accountability in many organizations as the key causal factor for the above scenario.

They also state that the problem can be remedied.

Increasing accountability begins with understanding what accountability is and how to apply the mindset of accountability in everyday life.

In this webcast, you’ll:

  • Clarify the definitions for and difference between responsibility and accountability
  • Review a behavior checklist to measure current accountability
  • Recognize the value of Clear Agreements
  • Learn three keys to becoming an accountability influencer
  • Discover that organizations that embrace accountability find that retention and morale flourish because individuals build strong partnerships and feel more in control of outcomes.




Linda Galindo , consultant, author, speaker, and educator, provides an effective and relevant reframed approach to accountability that works. She serves on the faculty of  the Institute for Management Studies and the Governance Institute. She is author of  The 85% SolutionHow Personal Accountability Guarantees Success, and No Nonsense, No Excuses.?