7 Secrets of Financial Statement Analysis

Jan 24, 2019

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Would you like the ability to size up a competitor after only a few minutes with his or her financial statements?

Is your performance and compensation tied (even indirectly!) to a set of financial statements?

Would you like some can’t-fail tips to help decipher financial statements—faster than you thought possible?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then 7 Secrets of Financial Statement Analysis is for you. In this Webcast, you’ll learn some quick tips for reviewing the most critical numbers on your financial statements.

  • Shortcuts for quickly examining the most pertinent financial data
  • Key differences between net income and cash flow
  • Revealing statement tip-offs that can help you reliably predict a company’s future performance
  • Signs that can reveal your own top management's decision-making criteria
  • What changes in certain accounts (i.e., inventories, receivables, etc.) mean to the health of the business


Brian Nye is the president and owner of Brian Nye & Associates, PA, training and consulting services. The firm conducts training and provides consulting services for both commercial and federal agency clients. Mr. Nye along with Kais E Systems deliver financial management and analysis training to the US Army and NATO personnel in various locations throughout Europe. In addition to the delivery of financial training in Europe, Mr. Nye conducts training seminars throughout the United States for various clients.  Brian is a CPA and has worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers and Booz Allen Hamilton.