3 Keys to Successful Program Management

Jan 24, 2019

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Setting Your Program Up for Success

The skills needed for program management can differ significantly from those needed for project management.  Program management is about maximizing the benefits realized with constrained resources in a changing environment; project management is focused on the efficient creation of a defined deliverable.

This session will address some of the differences between the skillsets, and will identify three of the most essential, while successfully balancing the four inter-related management skills needed for successful program management: project, program, portfolio, and operations.

In this webcast, you will discover the tools to initiate a program successfully in a manner that will enable benefits establishment, realization management, and analysis prior to and during execution. We will show you how to set realistic objectives and performance measures. The three key tools for program success we will discuss in this webcast are:

  • Creating a program roadmap
  • Identifying what is needed for organizational strategy and program alignment
  • Creating an environmental assessment

These skills are only three key tools for program success, to be used within an entire program lifecycle, but can serve as a foundation for success.

The use of these tools will vary based on the type and complexity of the program; effective and strategic program management can often depend on how well these foundational elements are executed to ensure appropriate program definition, benefits delivery, and closure.



Lisa Wolf , PMP, is Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland and the EVM Focal Point of a major U.S. Government defense contractor and global consulting firm. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring that the Earned Value Management Control System Description, Purchasing Policy Manual, concomitant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and project executions are in compliance with the latest EIA748C, FAR, DFARS, and related standards and requirements. Ms. Wolf also ensures that all subcontracts issued by the firm are in alignment with FAR and DFARS regulations.

Ms. Wolf is a frequent speaker and trainer of Earned Value Project Management (EVPM) and program management topics. She is also the vice president of communication for the College of Performance Management, as well as co-lead of the Contracts Working Group with the National Defense Industrial Association Integrated Program Management Division Contracts Working Group.