3 Keys to Increasing Sales Effectiveness

Jan 24, 2019

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Creating Value for Your Customer

The essence of sales is creating success for your clients. The more passionately and skillfully you focus on their needs, the more successful you will be. There are three main keys to effective sales:

  1. Filling Your Pipeline: Teaches you to use an approach we call Value Calling and communicate with a targeted prospect with the intent to explore whether or not mutual value can be created.  
  2. Qualifying Your Opportunities: Allows you to better enable the decisions you make with the client.  You are able to win fast or lose fast rather than holding your pipeline hostage for a long period of time.
  3. Closing the Sale: Helps you understand your role and how you influence decisions to achieve win-win outcomes. You are better able to resolve objections and prepare the conditions for good decision making. 

Each of these three keys must be followed to give the best possible opportunity for your clients to succeed with your solution. This webcast isn’t a quick-fix, but introduces you to a playbook that you can master over time to help your clients succeed.

  • Rethinking the funnel
  • Identify opportunities to communicate with your client
  • Enable decisions
  • Move off the solution
  • Handle objections
  • Discover your role and how to achieve win-win outcomes



Sean Frontz is Senior Delivery Consultant with FranklinCovey. He has coached thousands of sales leaders from around the world, helping them take their teams to new levels of success. A master presenter, Sean has elevated the ho-hum webinar into interactive virtual presentations that WOW his clients. But he’s not bound by cyberspace: Sean logs hundreds of thousands of miles each year working around the world with sales leaders.